Today’s poll: Classes to teach all parents how to discipline their children – good idea?

Reports suggest David Cameron wants all parents to attend classes on how to discipline their children – do you think this would be a good idea?


Classes to teach all parents how to discipline their children - good idea?


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  1. Malcolmglover

    And who will be teaching these classes? Will they be compulsory for all parents? When will they be taught and where? Yet another political swipe.

  2. johnRNorth55

    StokeParkCllr SchoolsImprove My other half teaches at a local primary school and some of the parents attitude to discipline is shocking

  3. Suelizwill

    I think the word discipline gives the wrong message. A sort of closing the door after the horse has bolted idea. Some parents need to learn right in the very beginning about forming relationships with their babies and young children. This is where it begins. There are already many classes in place, flying start etc. However I have been involved in parenting classes and The majority of parents who would need this didn’t have positive experience in school so are not particularly receptive. It is vital that whoever delivers the classes is someone they trust not some expert flown in by David Cameron. So who would that be that hasn’t already got an enormous workload already? It is an ill thought out, something to say that might impress statement that is typical of an ill informed Tory party.

  4. Kathfanderson

    SchoolsImprove Reinvestment in Sure Start would be much more effective. Parent to parent learning & support woks better than classes.

  5. shelleyhepher

    SchoolsImprove Majority of parents already do a fantastic job. My experience of parenting programmes in past is they have little effect.

  6. peterabarnard

    SchoolsImprove Hold on. Do we have enough people to take these classes? Will there be targets, rewards, inspection too? Gets my vote!

  7. jeografy

    1st teach them the value of education
    2nd teach them the value of education
    3rd, and again
    4th, take their mobiles of them

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