Today’s poll: Is CCTV in the classroom a good thing?

A NASUWT survey has revealed that one in ten classrooms apparently now have CCTV cameras in them leading to counter claims that, on the one hand they enhance safety for teachers and students and encourage improved behaviour, but on the other that they are an intrusion and being used by some heads to judge teachers. On balance, do you think they are a good thing? If your answer is “yes/no but…”, please share the ‘but’ in the comments or via twitter…

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  1. SLT_Kat

    SchoolsImprove excellent for lesson obs, self assessment & to use for things like 6th formers practising for uni interviews….

  2. The_Data_Adonis

    SLT_Kat SchoolsImprove practice interviews and study leave should be recorded as non qual hours in the study programme

  3. alex_maher

    SchoolsImprove #BETTChat Surely it would be detrimental to teaching if you’re worried about every little thing being highlighted on CCTV?

  4. Bett_show

    alex_maher SchoolsImprove #BETTChat Can you think of other professions under such recording, do you view it as a #legal thing or benefits?

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