Today’s poll: Are parents setting low standards contributing to our inequality problems?

Head teacher Kate Chisholm has suffered abuse from some parents after requesting they stop doing the school run in pyjamas.

While a specific situation, does it highlight a broader problem of a sector of parents – perhaps especially amongst the white working class demographic – who apparently refuse to accept or model the kinds of standards and aspirations others would see as necessary for boosting the chances of their children?


Are parents setting low standards contributing to our inequality problems?


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  1. Malcolmglover

    I also think that there are an awful lot of parents out there who simply don’t care enough about their children’s education.

  2. thiskidsthinkin

    Our children learn from us. They copy us to some extent. If we can’t be bothered to get washed and dressed to take them to school, it sets a bad example. If we don’t take an interest in their education (as Malcolmglover says), that also sets a bad example. Parents taking an interest in schoolwork and finding a common interest sets a good example.
    My daughter copies my love of all things science, geography and craft related. On the craft side, she is more talented with clay than I am, making cat magnets while I’m making pendents! She also copies my loathing of housework, only doing it when it needs done (that isn’t such a good thing)!

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