Today’s Poll: Are maximum security prison trips to ‘scare excluded pupils straight’ a good idea?

Dundee City Council is considering a scheme to send excluded pupils on trips to a maximum security prison to demonstrate what might happen if they fail to turn themselves around. It follows a pilot scheme at one secondary school. Do you think this is a good idea? Please let us know taking taking part in this poll…

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  1. frankietweetart

    SchoolsImprove #prisonvisits. Interesting idea. Many don’t think of the consequences of their actions. Hence why they end up excluded!

  2. FionaSheikh

    SchoolsImprove for the odd one it will work but most need therapeutic input & aren’t able to change on their own even tho they’d be scared

  3. eQeltd

    SchoolsImprove Shock tactics seldom work long term. Work on the underlying issues that result in the behaviour. Can’t change on their own.

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