Today’s poll: Are improving state schools now a genuine threat to the independent sector?

The founder of the Good Schools Guide has suggested state schools have improved so much in terms of results and behaviour that their growing popularity with parents is threatening to drive weaker private schools out of business.

Do you agree?


Are improving state schools now a genuine threat to the independent sector?


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  1. Ashfordhead

    SchoolsImprove Crass question! All schools can be successful and HMC_Org schools are amongst the most respected in the world.

  2. StOlavesYork

    SchoolsImprove it’s about giving parents choice so they can decide on the school where their child will flourish best. HMC_Org iapsuk

  3. andyfalconer

    SchoolsImprove It’s about choice. The more great schools parents can choose from the better, whether state or indpendent. HMC_Org iapsuk

  4. LeoToAquarius

    Dai_James1942 SchoolsImprove Close to zero and those that do barely function – having alumni creates networks for career advancement

  5. Dai_James1942

    LeoToAquarius SchoolsImprove That was what I thought, but I don’t have figures. As you say, functioning rather than mere existence is key

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