Today’s poll: Are “golden hello” bonuses for teachers in areas of specific need a good idea?

The DfE has announced £7,500 “golden hello” bonus payments for graduates who take up a maths teaching post at a further education (FE) college in England. Is the idea of extra payments like this for teachers in specific areas of need (whether that be by subject, location, type of institution etc) a good one?

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  1. anthonysappong

    SchoolsImprove It shows how desperate we are to get people into the profession and we should be asking ourselves…. Why?

  2. exemploducant

    SchoolsImprove in my experience teachers enter the profession because they have a passion to work with children-not just for a bonus

  3. sal5oh

    daughter got a bonus when she entered teaching, trouble was it was paid with her salary, bumped her tax code up and she hardly saw any of it because it was taxed! I can see why they do it but you need teachers to have a passion for teaching their subject and not for a quick buck, teachers who enter just for bonuses won’t last very long!

  4. Value_added

    SchoolsImprove Giving a bonus to get teachers in to FE proves scrapping STPC as Gove wants doesn’t work. FE teachers lost pay etc years ago

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