Toby Young to take over as head of New Schools Network

Toby Young, the controversial journalist turned educationalist, has been appointed as the head of a government-funded charity to promote free schools in England, according to the Guardian.

Young will take over as director of the New Schools Network (NSN) in January, to run the charity backed by the Department for Education to lobby for more of the schools to be opened and assist with the application process.

The former Conservative parliamentary hopeful and associate editor of the Spectator quickly moved to reassure free school supporters that his role would not be politically motivated.

“My own political views are right-of-centre. But in my capacity as director of NSN, I will be non-partisan,” Young said in an email to the network’s members.

“That’s not just because I want NSN to continue working with a broad range of groups and organisation. It’s also because I want free schools to remain a central part of England’s public education system and that is most likely to happen if they command as much political support as possible.

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  1. Young’s appointment was not met with universal glee.  However, he’s on record as saying he doesn’t support selection.  Will be interesting to see if he will be as consistent about this if NSN is approached with proposals to open selective schools as he has been with his support for free schools.  Or will he backtrack like his friend Michael Gove?

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