Times tables tests put on hold as new education secretary takes over

TES are reporting that times tables tests for Year 6 pupils will not be introduced next year as originally planned, it has been confirmed.

Pupils are expected to know all tables up to 12 x 12 under the national curriculum, and the tests, proposed as part of the Year 6 Sats tests, were due to begin in 2017.

The Department for Education has written to schools saying there will be “no statutory requirement” on schools to administer the multiplication tables check in the 2016 to 2017 academic year. It has not made any statement about the following year.

The DfE has also reconfirmed that the proposed Year 7 resits will not begin next year. The resits are expected to be consulted upon next term and begin in the 2017/2018 academic year.

The future of primary assessment will be one of the most pressing issues for Ms Greening after the rocky introduction of new tests this year 

A DfE spokesperson said: “As part of our routine communications with schools we reiterated previous communications that the planned multiplication check and Year 7 resits will not be introduced as a statutory requirement in the next academic year.”

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Will this decision mean Year 6 pupils will be saved the stress of an extra test, or rather left to slip through the system? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter. ~ Nellie

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  1. Nairb1

    Let’s hope the SoS isn’t so ideologically driven as the last two. She could make a name for herself by listening rather than mistaking activity for progress.

  2. Our new education secretary could tackle the malign influence of testing. English pupils are already among the most tested in the world.  She could change that.  http://www.localschoolsnetwork.org.uk/2016/07/english-children-are-most-tested-in-the-world-our-new-education-secretary-could-change-that

  3. VictoriaJaquiss

    1. It is a good start.
    2. Testing is not teaching, but it can be a great affirmation of failure
    3. Some kids just don’t get everything. Testing them again can be a great reaffirmation of failure.
    4. Times tables in themselves aren’t education.

  4. RobertYoung3

    Only time will tell whether this is a step in the right direction or a false dawn.It would be so refreshing to have a government minister guided by evidence as opposed to being driven by rhetoric!

  5. Juvenal Rocha

    I feel compelled to shed a light here. Not on the subject of testing or not testing, but on the worry about mastering the times table. DON’T WORRY! There are amazing techniques in the book “Mr. President’s Handy Multiplication Table” that allows kids to master their times table quickly and without memorization. If you google it, you will find a solution for the problem.

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