Tim Peake sows seeds for space age plants and challenges schools to take part

The Mirror is reporting that astronaut Tim Peake has beamed a video message to thousands of schools asking them to grow seeds that have journeyed through space.

…’Rocket Science’ will see children compare the growth of seeds currently in space with those that have not left Earth…

He said: “Now that these seeds have been on the International Space Station I’ll be packing them up at the end of their mission and sending them back down to Earth.

“When they arrive they will be sent out to thousands of schools to grow alongside the seeds that haven’t been up here in space as part of a our special science experiment.”

In September, 2kg of “rocket seeds” were flown to the ISS, where they will orbit the Earth until March, when they are due to return with Nasa astronaut Scott Kelly.

The video message has been beamed to 17,000 schools and 6,000 educational groups and organisations.

In April, up to 10,000 schools will grow and compare the seeds flown to space with those that have stayed on Earth as part of the nationwide experiment.

The results will be analysed by biostatisticians and published later this year.

It is hoped the experiment will help reveal the effect of microgravity on seed growth and whether exposure to radiation has caused mutations.

More at: Astronaut Tim Peake sows seeds for space age plants and challenges schools to take part


More details on how to take part from the RHS: Rocket Science Application


So yesterday we had a report on how gardening projects can help prevent pupils becoming disengaged, today we learn schools can take part in a gardening in space project – sounds like a no-brainer to me!

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