This, Suella, is why free schools are stalling

Should we be worried that the free school programme appears to be stalling? Tory MP Suella Braverman seems to think so, and the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) has published a pamphlet setting out her concerns.  The Conservative Woman reports.

For her, free schools are the jewel in our educational crown and the Government ‘should double down on the success of the free schools programme’. Is she right to be so concerned?

Since she is the chairman of governors at an outstanding free school, Michaela Community School in Wembley, it is not difficult to see why she a strong supporter of such establishments. Her enthusiasm, however, is too narrowly focused. Like most of her parliamentary colleagues, she does not quite ‘get it’ when it comes to understanding our enfeebled and exhausted school system. She cannot see the wood for the trees.

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  1. Anonymous

    My comment on the article: The level of ignorance displayed in the comments here beggars belief. I wonder if any of the commenters have any idea about education, except possibly their view of their own. One reason “free” schools are stalling is a) because they have not, apart from a few exceptions, been successful and b) that many of them are incredibly expensive because they are half empty because they have not been particularly popular with parents. Many “free” schools have closed through lack of applicants but were opened with large amounts of money – depriving other schools of necessary funds.

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