“This school is like a prison, Miss”

When the leadership of my previous school insisted we march the students around the school at the beginning of every half-term to ‘practise’ silent corridors, I knew I had to go. An English teacher writes in Teachwire 

In spite of pupils from Year 9 upwards gloriously refusing to follow the corridor directive, and my Year 10s subversively whispering to me that “this is like a prison, miss”, I was finding it increasingly difficult to shut my classroom door to the oppressive ‘zero tolerance’ environment that was developing around me.

It was something of a shock, therefore, when I found myself completely frazzled at the end of every day in my first half-term of joining the (new) school.

My classroom had become a battleground unlike anything I’d experienced since becoming a beleaguered trainee teacher six years before.

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How does your school handle behaviour? Is there something to be said for ‘zero tolerance’? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin


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  1. Kinyi

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