‘This is oppression’: gagging orders used to muzzle teachers

Jackie Evans*, a special needs teacher for 20 years, was on holiday when she got a call from her headteacher. A complaint had been made by another member of staff about her disciplinary methods. The Guardian reports.

The week before the complaint Evans had spoken to academy trust leaders about inadequate funding for pupils with special educational needs at her school, and suggested the leaders had not visited often enough in the past 12 months. 

A public debate is raging around non-disclosure agreements. Advice for schools, academies and local authorities, published last year, says settlement agreements may be used to end an employment relationship, but that “the law is clear that confidentiality clauses cannot be used to prevent someone from making a protected disclosure, ie whistleblowing”.

Read the more of Jackie’s story and how NDA’s are restricting teachers from reporting cheating, unfair dismissal and keeping disgraced practitioners working in schools ‘This is oppression’: gagging orders used to muzzle teachers 

Have you been asked to sign an NDA? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin


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  1. Zoe

    I signed an NDA. I had no choice.It was part of a so called compromise agreement so that I would call a halt to a grievance I made against my employers. They dragged the whole thing out very cleverly and after several months on half pay ( I was off sick because the environment was so toxic and I was anxious all the time) they were threatening to sack me if I didn’t return to work. I was given a ‘negotiated’ reference but haven’t been able to get a permanent job. This was five years ago. I lost my home and have now moved cities.

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