Thirty teachers banned from the classroom for having sex with pupils in just six months

The Mirror is reporting that thirty teachers have been banned for sexual misconduct in the first half of this year.

The number of teachers being barred for sexual offences, sleazy behaviour and affairs with pupils has nearly trebled in a year.

In the first six months of this year, 30 teachers have been barred from teaching indefinitely by the National College for Teaching and Leadership.

The figure compares to 21 in the previous six months and just 11 in the six months before that…

Campaigners say victims feel more confident about coming forward following cases such as jailed teacher Jeremy Forrest, who fled the UK with a pupil.

The Parents against Child Sex Exploitation charity said: “There is a greater awareness. You’ve got a Jimmy Savile-effect.”

Barnardo’s chief Javed Khan said: “Children’s complaints against anyone in a position of trust must be taken seriously.”

The Department of Education, which oversees National College for Teaching and Leadership hearings, said it had tightened its rules on sexual misconduct.

A spokeswoman said: “It’s easier to keep them out of classrooms.”

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The article puts forward two explanations for the rise in the number of teachers being banned for sexual misconduct offences: a greater likelihood for victims to come forward and the tighter regulations.

Would you agree with this and welcome the fact that more cases are coming to light?Any concerns or areas where you feel more action is still required?

Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. Dai_James1942

    SchoolsImprove The more loathsome the job is made, the more such people will do it. #Savile #CareHomes

  2. AlfredoNokez1

    Might be linked to a reduction in age of the teaching force & lack of experienced teachers to spot danger signs & advise.

  3. runningaround1

    SchoolsImprove distinct lack of moral and ethical code from those involved. Nothing to do with young teachers…

  4. JeremyHodgen

    SchoolsImprove Let’s have some perspective here. There are 450,000 active teachers, so it’s 1 in 15,000!

  5. SchoolsImprove

    JeremyHodgen Perspective is fine but is there an acceptable level or should these be never events?

  6. JeremyHodgen

    SchoolsImprove I don’t think it’s that useful to focus on ‘never’ events. Besides this is a tiny %. And most abuse happens in the home.

  7. JeremyHodgen

    SchoolsImprove I didn’t say it was acceptable. Just get it in proportion. The system isn’t broken.

  8. wasateacher

    When I was in my probationary year (a long time ago!) a male student made a serious advance on me.  Fortunately, I was in my 30s and old enough to go immediately to his tutor to report the issue.  The tutor handled the situation with care and the incident was quickly forgotten.  However, if I had been 21/22 or so, would I have had the confidence to report it and seek help?

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