More than a third of girls have witnessed sex discrimination at school

The TES is reporting that a recent survey has found that a third of girls have witnessed sexual discrimination at school,  and a third of boys do not believe that that gender gap exists. 

The report, compiled by the charity Young Enterprise, also reveals that there are still significant differences between girls’ and boys’ expectations of working life.

Of the 1,000 16-18-year-olds questioned, 71 per cent of girls said that they expected to earn less than £20,000 a year in their first job. By contrast, only 52 per cent of boys expected to earn below £20,000.

The report states: “These findings paint a worrying picture of how gender is determining levels of confidence in the classroom and beyond. It must be addressed if we wish to have a new generation of confident female business leaders and entrepreneurs in the workplace.”

Michael Mercieca, chief executive of Young Enterprise, said: “Failure to improve the proportion of women entering these important industries will starve businesses of the skills they need, having a serious impact on our economy.

“Unless we empower the next generation of women through education and training, Britain will continue to oversee a divided society.”

More at: More than a third of girls have witnessed sex discrimination at school

Why do you think these differences between genders still occur and what can we do to make women feel more empowered? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter. ~ Sophie

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