There’s a new petition to make teachers exempt from Theresa May’s new £35K salary rule

indy100 are reporting that a new campaign called Stop 35K is trying to safeguard the right of non-EU immigrants currently working in the UK who fear they are going to have to leave because they don’t earn enough.

Josh Harbord, who told the Independent, “ultimately, I just want my friends and the thousands of other people who face deportation to be allowed to remain in their homes and their jobs”, started a parliamentary petition asking the government to scrap the idea six months ago.

Harbord and fellow campaigners see their next task as getting the government to protect teachers, too.

Headteachers’ union NAHT has already questioned the wisdom of deporting well-trained staff while the profession is undergoing a severe recruitment crisis.

Stop 35K has launched a new petition to ask MPs to make sure the jobs of primary and secondary school teachers are protected in the light of ongoing worries about staffing shortages.

Speaking to indy100, Harbord said: “I am very hopeful that this campaign will keep teachers in the UK. Teachers’ unions have been complaining for a while about shortages, and while it would invalidate the Department of Education’s position that there is no recruitment crisis, the SNP and Labour will be fighting our corner on this.”

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In the light of recent events, do you think petitions make any difference when it comes to bringing about real change? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter. ~ Nellie

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove This country does not seem averse to cutting its nose off to spite it’s face so expect the £35k thing to be enforced

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