The state school where girls are forced to wear hijabs in classrooms and outside school

Pupils are being forced to wear hijabs in and out of class for the first time at a state-backed school in Blackburn. This is from the Daily Mail

The cover-up was ordered at the 800-pupil Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School where students already have to dress in long purple tunics over black trousers to ensure flesh is not seen.

Under new rules, pupils must ‘wear the hijab outside the school and home, recite the Koran at a least once a week’ and not have stationery which shows ‘unIslamic images’ like pictures of pop stars.

Ten per cent of the students in the sixth-form wear the niqab veil which covers the face except the eyes.

The voluntary-aided school is the flagship of the Tauheedul charitable trust which wants to open 12 Muslim free schools across the country.

Three have been approved so far with one in Hackney opening this month, despite concerns raised by a former government advisor on the prevention of terrorism.

Haris Rafiq told the Sunday Times: ‘I think it threatens to create young British Muslims who are not able to integrate in the wider society, who are living in isolation and outside the wider community.’

School headmaster Hamid Patel said some of the girls do not wear the hijab at home despite the school crackdown…

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  1. jowinchester

    SchoolsImprove Is this the modern equivalent of ‘get thee to a nunnery’? Sexism masquerading as religion? #justwondering

  2. beverleyburton

    SchoolsImprove The word forced is very concerning, as are the implications for educating young people to take a full place in wider society

  3. CarolElizabeth

    Really concerned that this government is not only authorising the increase in schools that discourage integration, but is paying for them. This cannot be right. Although we have church schools they accept students of other faiths and cultures and teach to current social influences.

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