The new citizenship curriculum: how to prepare for the changes

There’s still a year until the updated citizenship curriculum comes into effect. So, what challenges do teachers face planning for a year in limbo? This is from the Guardian

Citizenship narrowly avoided the chop recently, but it’s lived to fight another day in a radically different form.

Dissatisfaction still rages about many of the changes. Nevertheless, teachers will soon have to get to grips with the new curriculum.

In an unusual step, government ‘disapplied’ the existing curriculum, meaning teachers do not have to follow it for the coming academic year.Schools are not expected to receive details of the changes until several weeks into the new term and few will implement them until September 2014.

The Association for Citizenship Teaching (Act) recommends teachers continue with the old curriculum for this year, and introduce the new one for the 2014/15 academic year.

“The current curriculum is far and away better than the new one, so we are encouraging teachers to stick with the existing curriculum this year,” says Chris Waller, professional officer at Act.

“When the new materials arrive in school, teachers need to look at them and think about the implications for their existing teaching, but they shouldn’t rush to change.”

One of the most controversial new elements is the introduction of personal finance, an area that many feel belongs in PSHE. While it offers an opportunity for cross-curricular work, it could entail additional training for teachers.

“I can see issues around finance as an area where we might work with other departments,” says Helen Blachford, head of citizenship and PSHE at Priory School in Southsea, Portsmouth. “We might end up using some of the skills of the maths department.” There are also concerns over the lack of a wider economic context to personal finance, she adds…

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Are you responsible for teaching citizenship and if so how are you planning on handling the period of limbo before the new curriculum is introduced? Please share in the comments or on twitter… 

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