‘The impact of SEND cuts frightens me to my very core’

If there’s a starker figure among a horrible series of other stark figures that drives home the harsh reality of what austerity has done to education, it’s the one given by the IPPR this week, highlighting that children with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) have experienced a real-term funding cut of 17 per cent. Tes reports.

Oh, you can whack on an extra 5 per cent if you’re a child with SEND needs severe enough to warrant an EHCP and you live in the north of the country. So that’ll be 22 per cent round here. Or just shy of a quarter, if you want to put it another way.

Just shy of a quarter of the money allocated to children – gone in four years. Money that would have been used to fulfil a child’s statemented needs in regards to transport, care, counselling, therapy, equipment; essentials in the quest to allow that child the right to the same opportunities in education as any other.

These cuts run especially deep, given the transformative nature that good provision can have. For many, it allows greater access to the world, and helps those with SEND find their place within it. And yes, as mentioned in the report, it’s also true that there are tangible economic benefits to investment in SEND.

Having said that, although it’s a pragmatic argument, I think it’s secondary to an ultimate truth that allows those that run the country to employ a strategy that effectively takes educational provision away from those with disabilities. It is a truth that illustrates that there is no exception to this sanctioned squeezing, and as a former teacher who spent a large percentage of his professional career working with students with SEND and who currently is employed in disability services at a university, working with those who, despite many hardships, are able to thrive in the higher echelons of education, it is a truth that frightens me to my very core.

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