The Christian ‘missionaries’ at work in Scottish schools

Christian groups have been accused of using the Scottish education system as “recruitment fairs” by becoming involved in ­everything from helping out at school lunches and sports to hosting adventure activities and prayer “spaces” in class. This is from Herald Scotland

Edinburgh Secular Society (ESS) has compiled a dossier of activities which it says shows how religion has become “pervasive” within non-denominational state schools. Among the cases cited are fundamentalist evangelical groups pushing ideas such as faith healing and speaking in tongues. Scotland’s teaching union, the EIS, said it was concerned by the developments.

The ESS – which supports religious education but wants religious observance taken out of schools – claims there is a lack of monitoring of the activities of evangelical groups in schools and has accused them of “proselytising”, and trying to convert children to Christianity.

Gary McLelland, chairman of the ESS, argued there was a “concerted effort” by various Christian organisations to try to “infiltrate” schools.

He said: “We are all in favour of having, for example, pastoral helpers and counsellors, as school is a hard time, especially for teenagers. But the predominantly Christian groups in Scottish schools show a level of organisation and detail that does worry me.

“I don’t think it is beyond the pale to interpret this as an attempt by churches to address the issue of falling membership by trying to get in as [people] young as possible.”…

However, the Christian groups named in the report – which all said any members who go into schools are vetted with criminal background checks – strongly refute the allegation that such moves are about proselytising.

The Church of Scotland said it was committed to the maintenance of non-denominational schools and “has no desire to create state-funded faith schools”.

Rev Sandy Fraser, convener of the Church of Scotland’s education committee, said: “We are not trying to convert [children] to any faith, we are not proselytising – what we are doing is going in and trying to raise their spiritual awareness.”…

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  1. LaCatholicState

    what’s wrong with this?! It is wrong to keep children from Christ. ‘Let the children come to Me and let no one stop them’

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