The £200,000-a-year academy school headmasters earning more than the PM

A string of  of academy school superheads are earning salaries of more than £200,000 a year, public spending watchdogs reveal today. The fast-expanding Government programme, aimed at giving schools more control over their affairs, has created a new breed of manager earning significantly more than the Prime Minister. This is from the Daily Mail…

Six leaders of charities running chains of several academies earned more than £200,000 in 2010/11, the National Audit Office said.

They include Sir Bruce Liddington, director general of E-ACT, whose salary and benefits have been recorded as £280,000.By contrast, David Cameron takes home £142,500.

One superhead was forced to quit his £206,000 a year post in disgrace earlier this year after Government auditors uncovered a series of extraordinary purchases including ‘inappropriate’ sex games and supplements that were delivered to school offices.

Richard Gilliland, who ran four academy schools in a federation in Lincoln and Grantham, also presided over the hiring of his son even though he had been jailed for ‘flashing’ at women and girls.

The NAO report also found that heads of individual academies earn on average £6,600 more than heads of secondary schools under local authority control.

Some 16 per cent of academies surveyed by the audit office said the change in status had led to a rise in salaries for senior staff, with only 3 per cent saying the salaries of bosses had dropped.

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