Text speak makes teenagers’ spelling better claims top linguist

The Mail is reporting that Professor David Crystal, an honorary professor at Bangor University, said those who text regularly were found to be ‘concentrating their minds’ on the relationship between sounds and written words…

The linguist, who has written more than 100 books on the English language, pointed out a new generation is ‘constantly’ reading and writing online.

‘People say text messaging will harm your spelling. No…It helps you to spell better,’ he said at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai according to the Daily Telegraph.

‘This is because it focuses your mind on the connection between sound and letters.

‘The best texters are the best spellers.

‘People say young people don’t read and write any more.’They may not necessarily read… Shakespeare or Charles Dickens, but have you ever seen a teenager not reading?

‘Young people read probably more than I did when I was that age.’

He said the digital age had not necessarily heralded a ‘linguistic revolution’ in the way critics had predicted and said the ‘moral panic’ of the potential change has not been justified.

Professor Crystal’s studies have found around 2,000 new words developed as a result of the digital age, including terms such as blog and twittersphere…

More at: Text speak makes your spelling BETTER, claims top linguist who says technology is making teenagers read more than ever


(NB I would link to the referenced Telegraph article but can’t find it on their search)


Interesting way of looking at things and seems to make sense – what do you reckon?


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  1. Nor_edu

    SchoolsImprove I rlly *want* to believe this, but don’t think it imps spelling of weaker ppls- &don’t even get me started on punctuation…

  2. Sam_Peepz

    SchoolsImprove Professor David Crystal wrote “helps you spell better”. On the bright side, the dumbing down might have reached rock bottom.

  3. MsYasminx

    korikisulda I can promise you, it’s NOT helping their spelling. I see weekly evidence of this in their spelling scores!

  4. MikeHaines20

    SchoolsImprove Of course – the best spellers are also the fastest and most ingenious texters – no surprise there?

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