Terror at school gates as gunman blasts car while parents take their kids to class

The Liverpool Echo is reporting that a masked gunman blasted a car outside a local primary school while parents were taking their children to class. 

A shot was fired towards the car by a man outside Anfield Road primary at 9am this morning.

Police today condemned the shooting as an investigation was launched.

Liverpool area commander Mark Harrison said: “It beggars belief that anyone could do something like this outside a primary school.

“There were parents taking their children in to the school when this happened and a child could have been seriously injured or worse.”

It was reported that a shot was fired towards a dark-coloured car by a man on foot, who was described as white and was wearing a grey hooded top and a black face covering.

Police are urging the driver of the vehicle to come forward to ensure they are safe and well and to help police with enquiries.

Checks have been made at local hospitals and no-one has sought medical attention for injuries caused by a firearm.

The gunman is believed to have made off along Oakfield Road, near All Saints Catholic Primary School…

Police have confirmed that pupils at the school were safe inside the building and had not been evacuated as was previously thought.

Headteacher of Anfield Road Primary School, Claire Drew-Williams, said: “We would like to reassure people that our children are safe and were unaware of the incident that happened outside of the school site this morning.

“The site was not evacuated, the school day is continuing as normal and a trip for some pupils took place as planned.

“Due to the closure of the road for the police investigation we will be letting parents know about a change in arrangements to pick up their children at home time.”

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Sounds like this happened – whether by accident or design – just after the children were safely inside the school but not what you want, is it.


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