Teenagers ‘to shun university in favour of apprenticeships’

Up to 35 school leavers are competing for every job amid claims that rising numbers of bright teenagers are shunning university in favour of the workplace. This is from the Telegraph

New figures show that the average apprenticeship post now receives 11 applications each following a surge in demand for on-the-job training.

In some industry sectors, such as plumbing and events management, the number rises well above 30.

Many leading companies are now said to be competing directly with universities to recruit the most able young people.

Experts suggested that apprenticeships – paid work placements with tailored training – were increasingly attractive in light of the competition for places at the very top universities combined with a near tripling in the cost of a degree.

It follows the introduction of annual tuition fees of up to £9,000-a-year for students entering higher education for the first time last year – often leading to debts of more than £40,000 when living expenses are added.

Matthew Hancock, the Skills Minister, said he expected it to “become the norm that young people either go to university or into an apprenticeship”.

Last night, student leaders warned that poor quality careers advice coupled with low pay was acting as a “barrier” to entry to apprenticeships for many school leavers.

But Jaine Bolton, director of the National Apprenticeship Service, said: “These figures show that the demand for apprenticeships keeps growing. It is the first choice for many talented young people and more employers wanting young talent need to wake up to this fact.”

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Who can blame them? Apprenticeship offers debt-free qualification, uni offers £1000s worth of debt and no promise of work

  2. andylutwyche

    “MannersPR: SchoolsImprove bedfordcollege is best place to talk to – real links with employers here in Beds&Luton” Advertising – really?

  3. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Unless you are going to do a sought after course at uni or have a very specific career path in mind, why choose uni?

  4. LearnWLesley

    andylutwyche SchoolsImprove agree & we all need 2 let go of the idea that a degree is the b all & end all. Need more On the job learning

  5. lisaleebeeloo

    SchoolsImprove my son has already stated that this is his preferred option, once his A levels are over. Good for him. Experience counts!

  6. BalfePaula

    lisaleebeeloo SchoolsImprove tbh by the time I finished uni friends who hadnt gone had the experience that I then needed 50:50

  7. bogman63

    SchoolsImprove TeresasMisc Tories lowering expectations to develop the next generation of employment fodder #ZeroHours #ZeroRights

  8. SamanthaSimic

    SchoolsImprove If I was a leaver now, I wouldn’t bother with uni. As a Cambridge graduate, my degree has helped, but £24000 would help more

  9. TeresasMisc

    bogman63 more complicated than you suggest; danger in reinforcing/perpetuating brain/muscle dichotomy-nothing wrng w/ trade SchoolsImprove

  10. bogman63

    TeresasMisc SchoolsImprove Its the reduced aspirations & options & pricing people out of education & justice which angers me #ToryBritain

  11. TeresasMisc

    bogman63 agree, but choosing ‘cheaper’ option doesn’t necessarily represent lowered aspirations; SchoolsImprove

  12. bogman63

    TeresasMisc SchoolsImprove We need an educated population if we are to break out of the “1 step forward 2 steps back” world cycle we’re in

  13. TeresasMisc

    bogman63 education shld be multi-layered & longitudinal; seeing Uni at 18 as only option closes down so many more routes SchoolsImprove

  14. TeresasMisc

    bogman63 ‘educated pop’ doesn’t just mean university educated; need also to move away frm regimented,prescribed curriculum SchoolsImprove

  15. bogman63

    TeresasMisc SchoolsImprove Education should be a right Vocational is good if its what you want Economic Tory shepherding is unacceptable

  16. Annette1Hardy

    SchoolsImprove There was a time when people didn’t see university as only a path to a better job. By not going you’re missing out on a lot.

  17. willjakers

    SamanthaSimic SchoolsImprove I hope uni is not just about the money…fun, learning and new experiences are up there

  18. TeresasMisc

    bogman63 SchoolsImprove shepherding/directing into vocations via Ed has always happened; how& what degree of coercion is the issue

  19. SamanthaSimic

    willjakers SchoolsImprove Absolutely, but you can get all of those things in the workplace, at a higher quality.

  20. SamanthaSimic

    willjakers SchoolsImprove It certainly doesn’t need to take 3 or 4 years and thousands of pounds to have fun, learn & have new experiences

  21. Digitamworth

    SamanthaSimic SchoolsImprove As a mature student in ’90s uni gave me confidence to analyse, speak up & challenge. Couldn’t afford it now!

  22. willjakers

    SamanthaSimic I am of a gen who didn’t have to pay and from backgrnd where I worked from 14 it was all of those for me that work was not

  23. mrjcassidy

    SamanthaSimic SchoolsImprove I see that point, but you don’t get given a £24,000 lump sum. Be interesting if people were given the choice.

  24. bogman63

    TeresasMisc SchoolsImprove I disagree a properly academically developed curriculum with optional additions provides a solid core & growth

  25. bogman63

    TeresasMisc SchoolsImprove increased fees increased cost of living Zero pay rise result in a generation of economic slaves for the Tories

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