Teenagers arrested breaking into primary school

The Accrington Observer is reporting that two teenagers were caught in the act by police trying to break into a local primary school.

Officers were alerted by nearby residents after the alarm at St Andrew’s CE Primary School on Springfield Street in Oswaldtwistle was triggered.

The incident happened between 7.30pm and 9pm on Thursday, August 6.

A Lancashire Police spoksperson said: “Two 14-year-old boys were arrested and are going to be dealt with by the youth offending team.

“They didn’t cause any damage and it is not believed anything was taken.

“A member of the public alerted the police after the alarm went off.”

More at: Teenagers arrested breaking into primary school


Sometimes it feels as if breaking into schools (or setting fire) to them has become a national sport during holidays…


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  1. Dai_James1942

    SchoolsImprove strange how the civilising process of compulsory academic education so often leads to beneficiaries burning down schools.

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