Teenage girls are twice as likely to report cyber bullying than boys, major Government study finds

Incidents of physical of violent bullying among GCSE students has fallen over the past ten years but cyber bullying is an emerging trend, with one in ten reporting it, research shows. The Telegraph reports.

The Department for Education interviewed 10,000 15- and 16-year-old pupils in 2015 about trends in bullying, and compared their answers to a cohort of pupils in 2006.

“While violent forms of bullying have declined significantly, name calling and social exclusion have increased since 2006,” the report said.

“Females reported higher rates of bullying overall in 2015 than in 2006, with the increase entirely caused by name calling and social exclusion, while the rate of bullying for males fell over the period,” the report said.

“These diverging trends led to females reporting significantly higher rates of bullying overall in 2015 than males, despite reporting similar rates in 2006.”

Bullying also varied significantly by ethnicity, researchers said, with teenagers from African and Asian backgrounds generally less likely to report bullying than white British pupils.

Meanwhile, young people from the most deprived neighbourhoods were slightly less likely to report being bullied than their peers from more affluent areas.

Writing in today’s Daily Telegraph, Schools Minister Nick Gibb  says that among parents there is a “clear and understandable worry that the internet has brought new dangers in to our children’s lives which are often hidden from us”.   

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