Teaching unions blame shock rise in assaults from schoolchildren on Government funding cuts

The Mirror, in its report on the rise in the number of pupils excluded for assault, suggests the increase could be down to government cuts. 

Fifty pupils a day are suspended from school for assaulting an adult, shock new figures have revealed.

And an increasing number of them are from state primary schools. Pupils aged five to 11 were suspended 11,420 times last year, a rise of 25% on the previous year…

Teachers’ unions say funding cuts could be partly to blame for the rising figures.

Chris Keates, of NASUWT, said: “The increase in the number of pupils suspended due to assaulting adults is extremely worrying.

“These figures underline the findings of a recent NASUWT survey in which 16% of teachers said they had been physically assaulted in the last 12 months by a pupil, an increase of 7% on the same survey in 2014.”

She added: “Children and young people are losing their place in mainstream schools and are being placed in a system where specialist staff and provision to meet their needs has been removed or reduced as a result of government cuts…”

But schools minister Nick Gibb said the figures reflected new powers for teachers that give them the “confidence” to exclude pupils…

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Is there some truth in the suggestion that cuts are responsible for the increase in exclusions or is it down to the policy of giving teachers and heads more ‘confidence’ to exclude pupils?

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What is the main reason for the rise in exclusions for assaults on adults?


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  1. diasporahighsch

    SchoolsImprove Funding cuts in schools, benefits, social services, reliance on food banks, unemployment = frustration and angry people.

  2. Davis77Alex

    SchoolsImprove this has nothing to do with cuts! 10,000 permanent exclusions in 2003/4 compared with 5,000 in 2014/5. Schools are discorage

  3. Davis77Alex

    SchoolsImprove from excluding and behaviour is worse because the school will accept bad behaviour if it means more cash

  4. lizewil

    cathmackinlay SchoolsImprove probably the 4K awpu too , but difficult to get services to train and support due to cuts in LAs /budgets

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