Teaching union official suspended after saying ‘one child stabbed’ is better than installing knife arches

According to The Telegraph, a teaching union official has been suspended after saying that one child being stabbed is better than installing knife arches at the school gates.

Kash Malik, the National Education Union (NEU) joint divisional secretary at Redbridge, made the remark after the east London council announced plans to put knife arches and detecting wands in secondary schools.

“Knife arches are not the answer,” he told the Ilford Recorder. “I have never been in favour of them and schools shouldn’t have to worry about it, it should be an environment where you should be focusing on studying.

“It is better to have one child stabbed at school than to have an environment where no one is stabbed at school and everyone carries knives outside of school.”

He argued that knife arches “normalise” carrying a weapon and they “put a plaster over the problem” rather than tackle the underlying issue of why “young people feel so insecure and vulnerable”.

His union later said that they “categorically reject” these comments, adding that Mr Malik has been suspended while they investigate.

Earlier this month a report by Ofsted said that searching pupils at the school gates – if done sensitively and without bias – could be successful deterrent for knife crime.

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