Teachers work longer hours than police officers and nurses, study suggests

Teachers work longer hours – and have seen a sharper drop in pay – than police officers and nurses, a new study suggests. The Independent reports. 

The findings come amid concerns about teacher workload and staff shortages. This month, the Education Secretary Damian Hinds  pledged to cut teacher workload to improve staff retention. 

The study, by the National Foundation for Educational Research, shows that teachers worked 50 hours a week during term time in 2015/16, compared with 44 for police officers and 39 for nurses.

Taking into account school holidays – and how much teachers may work during these breaks – teachers and police staff work a comparable number of hours annually.

It says, “We also show that the long hours that teachers work during term time substantially exceeds the amount of extra holiday time they may receive.”

But it calculates that taking into account average hours worked each year, teachers have an average hourly pay rate of £17.70 – about the same rate as nurses, but lower than police officers’ real average hourly pay, which stands at £18.80.

The study also estimates that teachers’ real average hourly pay has dropped by about 15 per cent since 2009/10, while for nurses it has dropped by about 4 per cent, and for police officers about 11 per cent.

Carole Willis, NFER chief executive, said:”Our analysis shows that long working hours is one of the main barriers to improving teacher retention, an issue that is consistent with our previous reports in this series, and that working hours have been increasing over the last five years.

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  1. wasateacher

    I worked in a variety of office jobs for over 10 years before I trained to be a teacher. Even the job I had in a community organisation with long hours did not compare to those of a teacher. One difference was that if I needed a long lunch break or a day off, in an office job you could normally take it. The easiest jobs I had were working in business offices – shorter hours, very little overtime, much better working environment and conditions.

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