Teachers ‘stuck on meagre salaries and forced to share rooms’

The Telegraph is reporting that the NUT conference has been told teachers are forced to share rooms as they are stuck on low salaries for years…

…NUT members said a combination of poor pay conditions, rising housing prices and massive student debts are making it hard for teachers to have decent living conditions…

Stefan Simms, a delegate from Ealing, said the housing crisis – with an average London house costing £500,000 – is preventing young teachers from getting on the property ladder.

Mr Simms said: “There are many NUT members in my association in Ealing commuting three to four hours a day, some commute as far as Eastbourne due to the unaffordable nature of housing near where they work…

Ian Murch of Bradford said: “Teachers don’t live in big mansions … they usually only have one small to medium size kitchen, and they mostly have big mortgages on small houses that they have to pay themselves.”

He said financial constraints were particularly harsh for young teachers who, in the past, were able to get a mortgage based on their wages going up over time.

But Mr Murch said: “Now you can’t show them those pay scales, because not only are you less certain that you will be able to progress up them, but because there aren’t any…

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In terms of getting on the housing ladder, it surely depends hugely on where you live and where you want to buy (which don’t have to be the same place).

It is also the case that the same issues are affecting nearly all young people now – regardless of profession – but is it reasonable to question if national pay rates for teachers (London aside) still make sense in view of the massive discrepancies in property and housing prices across the country?


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove People not being able to afford houses is not a teacher exclusive issue, so it shouldn’t be portrayed that way

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove People not being able to afford houses is not a teacher exclusive issue, so it shouldn’t be portrayed that way

  3. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove PRP will only make this situation worse as HTs are forced to save money after the general election. Not a positive outlook

  4. nrcantor

    andylutwyche SchoolsImprove That’s a housing issue & is caused by the housing market being propped up while to few new houses are built.

  5. andylutwyche

    nrcantor SchoolsImprove Quite – these sorts of stories, however well meaning, just turn the public against “whinging teachers”

  6. Snorrarcisco

    SchoolsImprove in a worse case are “facilitators of learning” the new breed of academy fuelled unqualified teachers… Halfpay double work

  7. As someone who is desperate to get on the housing ladder, the issue isn’t a lack of ‘affordable’ housing, it’s a lack of decent mortgages with little or no deposit required. Myself and my Wife are doing well but there’s no way on earth that we’ll be able to save £20,000+ for a deposit and continue to rent at the same time.

    Prices are going up on pretty much every necessity and we don’t smoke or drink, hardly ever go out and don’t fritter money away.

    Having lived in a new build for a year there’s absolutely no way that we’re putting our hard-earned money into something so shoddily and badly built and smaller than a similarly-priced older house.

    We currently rent a 1930’s house that has good-sized rooms and a decent garden plus every wall (inc internal ones) are made of brick.

    I’ve written to my MP on a number of occasions about this only to receive short thrift or be told that it’s someone else’s problem.

    When will the government wake up and realise what the actual issue is?

    Rant over…!

  8. Snorrarcisco

    Nor_edu SchoolsImprove its an horrendous term and brings nothing to the profession apart from pain and suffering to all

  9. wraitken

    SchoolsImprove not quite sure about this article. I live in NW and travel two hours a day by choice. Don’t have to live where you work

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