Teachers ‘intimidated’ to take part in national strikes, says NASUWT

The Telegraph is reporting claims from NASUWT that its members have been intimidated and threatened by NUT supporters to take part in national walkout…

A leaked internal email apparently sent out by Chris Keates, the general secretary of NASUWT, said that while members should not try to undermine the strike action, it was not their responsibility to make it a success.

The email, circulated on social media, said: “We should not tolerate any threats, insults or attempts to intimidate our members or activists by the NUT. Unfortunately, in some areas, this has been a hallmark of the activity to date.”

The letter also claims the NUT has run “abusive social media campaigns” and made “aggressive accusations” against members of NASUWT…

An NUT spokesman denied that the union had made any public criticism of the NASUWT.

They said: “There has been no national campaign against Nasuwt members regarding strike action and there has been no negative campaigning from the national NUT head quarters. The NUT continues to engage in talks with government alongside the other teacher unions to resolve the very pressing issues that face the teaching profession.”

The NASUWT declined to comment on the leaked email…

More at: Teachers ‘intimidated’ to take part in national strikes, says union

You can read a copy of the leaked email as circulated on social media here

What do you think of the comments made in this email from Chris Keats (assuming it to be genuine)? Do you recognise the claim that some teachers been intimidated into supporting the strike? Please give us your reaction and insights in the comments or via twitter…

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Gove letter shows we are right to strike, say teachers
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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove This kind of story helps no-one, least of all the teaching profession. Umpteen teaching unions wield no power

  2. andylutwyche

    temcterrier1977 SchoolsImprove Totally agree – just reinforces the argument for just one teaching union rather than the current umpteen

  3. CameronJCox

    ian_bec SchoolsImprove could’ve at least had a strike on a monday or a friday! #3dayweekend #everyonewins

  4. g56g

    gapboy someone leaked it to them! They too are guilty of divide and rule! We have to focus on the real enemy, Gove, not fight each other!

  5. gapboy

    g56g absolutely , full respect to my NASUWT colleagues just hope that the next steps are taken together, put aside egos and politics

  6. MarinaRobb

    rdgresident SchoolsImprove More like lots of NASUWT members waking up to the fact that the NUT is doing a better job and switching!

  7. White_MissK

    SchoolsImprove surely we should all be sticking together. I am Naswut with Nut colleagues. How else can we be affective in our concerns???

  8. SirBlimelyWindy

    g56g SchoolsImprove I would like to say that, as an NASUWT member, I have not suffered abuse or intimidation

  9. day_tom

    SchoolsImprove think both sides at fault. It’s ok to have different strategies but need to make sure we are not criticising each other.

  10. potterkatiehook

    Bevie1980 SchoolsImprove g56g I have no evidence of this either NASUWT ? In support of my #NUT colleagues

  11. PeterHutchinso5

    SirBlimelyWindy SchoolsImprove g56g That’s good to hear, but you wouldn’t have to do this if there was one Union for all teachers.

  12. SirBlimelyWindy

    PeterHutchinso5 SchoolsImprove g56g don’t start me on that – feel free to join NASUWT, though 😉

  13. PeterHutchinso5

    SirBlimelyWindy Your answer is part of the problem. Internecine parochialism. “My union is better than yours”. Divide and rule. I despair.

  14. SirBlimelyWindy

    PeterHutchinso5 we are a broad church – I have proposed motions on closer collaboration – but now is not the time to discuss marriage

  15. PeterHutchinso5

    SirBlimelyWindy Disagree. Now IS the time. Why wait for a Govian free-for-all on pay and conditions to gather momentum.

  16. SirBlimelyWindy

    g56g PeterHutchinso5 I left the NUT 20 years ago when they asked me to poach members from other unions for a vote

  17. g56g

    SirBlimelyWindy quite right! Not happening here, the enemy is our Secretary of State not each other. We agree on that surely! #teacherRoar

  18. PeterHutchinso5

    SirBlimelyWindy g56g You’re missing the point. I could invoke equally reprehensible practices by your union.

  19. PeterHutchinso5

    g56g SirBlimelyWindy SchoolsImprove Agreed if by “us” you mean a union to represent all teachers. It’s time for factionalism to end.

  20. SirBlimelyWindy

    PeterHutchinso5 g56g i was merely stating a fact from my history. I didn’t state anywhere that i was unique.

  21. PeterHutchinso5

    SirBlimelyWindy g56g I know, but don’t you think it’s time to leave historic grudges, factionalism and recruitment battles behind us? 🙂

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