Teachers in Scotland ‘work an extra 11 hours’, EIS survey finds

The BBC is reporting a union survey that suggests teachers in Scotland are working an additional 11 hours a week on top of their contracted hours…

The EIS asked 3,500 primary and secondary teachers across the country to record their working hours over a two-week period.

It found that the average teacher works 46.5 hours per week. They are contracted to work 35 hours every week.

The union said teachers were being burdened with a “crippling” workload.

It described the situation as “unsustainable” and called on the Scottish government and local authorities to act.

The Scottish government said it was working with teachers’ representatives, local authorities and other partners to address concerns around workload.

A spokesman said: “The report by the Working Group on Tackling Bureaucracy (set up by the government) identified specific areas where changes need to be made and how we can make sure teachers have the freedom they need to carry on delivering our world-class curriculum…

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Any surprises in these figures or pretty much what you would expect?

Fwiw, when we last covered an overtime story the figures produced by the TUC suggested an average overtime for teachers of over 12 hours a week – does that suggest perhaps things aren’t quite as bad in Scotland as south of the border?

What impact does the relentless need for overtime have on teachers? Please share in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. Nor_edu

    SchoolsImprove I agree with your point – 11 hours a week doesn’t sound bad at all compared to some colleagues!

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