Teachers convicted or cautioned for downloading indecent images of children should be banned

The Independent is reporting that new guidelines have been issued suggesting teachers who receive a criminal conviction or caution for downloading indecent images of children should be barred from the profession…

The new advice changes the wording in the guidance from saying that any teacher found guilty of “serious sexual misconduct” should be barred to any teacher found guilty of “any sexual misconduct”. It also specifically mentions child pornography for the first time.

The guidance was reviewed after it emerged last year that an RE teacher given a police caution for possessing an indecent image of a child had been given the go ahead to resume working in schools.

The teacher, Geoffrey Bettley, aged 36, was suspended from St Mary’s Catholic School in Menston, West Yorkshire, after police found nearly 200 child abuse images on his computer. He accepted the caution and was dismissed from the school but a professional conduct panel ruled he should be allowed to return to teaching because he “does not risk represent a risk to children and young people”.

News of the new guidance came as the Department for Education disclosed that 98 teachers had been served with prohibition orders barring them from teaching in the past year. The numbers have been steadily rising over the last decade. In 2001/2 only one one teacher was barred by what was then called the General Teaching Council.

The revision was made after a consultation exercise revealed 90 per dent of respondents felt that disciplinary panels should give serious consideration to evidence that a teacher had committed an action involving indecent images of children…

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  1. edujdw

    geekgirl38 SchoolsImprove yes in sense that Gove was asked not to ban one such teacher and he was allowed to carry on working.

  2. BramRaider

    SchoolsImprove Would that mean if you received a malicious, unsolicited e-mail involving an indecent image you could get fired?

  3. BramRaider

    SchoolsImprove I thought that those convicted of such crimes were automatically on the sex-offenders list? So how could they cont. teaching

  4. BramRaider

    SchoolsImprove How was he found not to be a risk to children? He was obviously sexually excited by such images. Surely a risk.

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