Teacher suspended for singing “I hate my effin’ job” on YouTube

Two teachers have been suspended from a Cambridgeshire school – one for attacking an ex-pupil and another for a foul-mouthed YouTube rant. This is from the Daily Mail…

As a senior school RE teacher,  Rhiannon Fox’s role is to guide children through the moral rules of the world’s religions.

But both her pupils and her headmistress saw a surprisingly different side to her when they discovered her singing an expletive-packed song on the internet – filled with attacks on pupils, and the words ‘I hate my effin’ job’.

Guitar and mandolin-playing Miss Fox, 46, was yesterday off work after being told to stay away from lessons while her conduct is investigated.

While the video has disappeared from YouTube, the outspoken RE teacher, a Roman Catholic, has left numerous offensive blog posts online.

She even jokes that children and parents with a bad attitude should be sterilised and in another blog, after saying she ‘enjoys sex’, she announces: ‘I ****ing swear sometimes because I’m not a bleedin’ nun.’

Her superiors at the Thomas Clarkson Academy in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, may take a while to complete their inquiry into her behaviour, though, for they are also investigating another teacher, Rebecca Fulcher, 30, after she assaulted a teenage former pupil in a nightclub.

Fulcher, who was found guilty of clutching her victim round the neck so tightly her fingernails drew blood, was given a 12-month conditional discharge, along with her boyfriend Daryl Hall, 34. She too has been told to stay away from the school.

Miss Fox, a divorcee with a 22-year-old daughter, had been teaching at the school for around a year. Her musical hobby only became public when pupils found a video of her singing on YouTube.

She was playing the guitar and singing ‘Days of the Week’, which she appears to have written herself, slamming the school and its pupils with fresh attacks for each day.

For the Friday verse, Miss Fox sang: ‘I hate my effin’ job.’

The video has been deleted but many of her remaining blog posts make clear what she thinks of her pupils and their parents.

Under the heading ‘OK parents, the real report’, she jokingly reveals the real meaning of comments in school reports, translating ‘needs to make more effort’ as ‘your child  is bone bloody idle’.

She writes that ‘needs to concentrate more’ means ‘your child is a pain in the a*** and does my nut in’, adding: ‘When the report says your child isn’t working to his ability … your child is feral! Please attend your local parenting classes!

‘When the report says your child isn’t achieving due to his attitude and behaviour – please as a matter of urgency see your doctor and have both you and your child sterilised asap!’

Head Clare Claxton said the video had been a hit with pupils but that she expects to be inundated with complaints from furious parents.

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