Teacher struck off for posing as teenager to falsely accuse former headteacher of being paedophile

The Telegraph is reporting that a sacked woman teacher has been struck off after posing as a 13-year-old girl on Childline ten times to falsely accuse her former headteacher of being a paedophile. 

Vengeful Eleri Edwards, 32, made ten separate false allegations to the NSPCC-run child protection charity that she was a young pupil sexually abused by the school’s head. 

A disciplinary hearing was told veteran head Tudur Williams was “devastated” when Edwards made the bogus claims to Childline after she was dismissed from his school. 

Maths teacher Edwards told Childline she was a schoolgirl who had been “inappropriately touched” by the head in the string of false claims to the charity website.

Innocent Mr Williams was interviewed by police – but their investigation led to officers believing the report was a hoax. 

Detectives traced the IP address the reports had been sent from. Edwards was arrested and released with a caution. 

Edwards pleaded with the disciplinary panel to allow her continue teaching – saying she blamed her estranged husband for the bogus allegations. 

She said: “Teaching has been more than a career for me, its my way of life as well. 

“I’ve no reason to lie. I was a good teacher and I’m honest. 

“I apologise to Tudur Williams. He continued to work after the allegations which makes him a credit to his profession,” she added.

Presenting officer Miss Louise Price said the hoax allegations were “a serious matter” which could have impacted on both Mr Williams’ career and his personal life. 

She said: “It was a deliberate act to cause him to suffer anxiety, and her actions showed a lack of regard to the seriousness of abuse to pupils. 

“It also showed a lack of regard towards Childlike, whose operators could’ve used the time to help vulnerable children…” 

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So Eleri Edwards sets about trying to destroy the reputation of an innocent man in the worst possible way as well as wasting the time of the police and a charity that should be spending its time and resources helping genuine victims of abuse, and she still thinks she should be a teacher?


And just a caution from the police? What are they thinking of too? It’s hardly sending out a strong message to anyone else who might be tempted to make malicious allegations.

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  1. wheelerofads

    SchoolsImprove Her actions are beyond belief. His career and life could have been broken. Can’t get my head round it.

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