Teacher recruitment ‘will soon resemble football transfer market’

The Times is reporting that experts have warned the way that teachers are recruited will soon resemble the football transfer market, with schools outbidding each other for the best performers…

The introduction of performance-related pay, with schools having the freedom to set their own rates, means the best teachers will be able to command premium salaries, especially in subjects with teacher shortages such as maths and physics, teachers and policy experts said…

Tom Hadley, director of policy at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, told a seminar on pay at the Westminster Education Forum that the abolition of automatic rises and national pay scales in England would lead to schools having to outbid each other.

“It’s having an impact on teacher retention,” he said, citing a report in The Times Educational Supplement. “We’re already seeing a real challenge with the shortages. In terms of the market, I think we will start to see things evolve . . . schools are giving more money to certain high-demand roles and less to others, almost like we’re seeing a football transfer window start to [emerge].”

Jonathan Simons, head of education at the Policy Exchange think-tank, said that teachers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics who moved between schools were increasingly demanding higher salaries. “They know their worth, and they are not afraid of mentioning it,” he said…

More at: Teachers head into transfer market (subscription required)

If this suggestion proves right and wage competition becomes the norm for in-demand teachers, what impact do you think if will have on the profession and on schools? Please let us kno in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. ssgill76

    MaryMyatt SchoolsImprove it has been in schools that I’ve worked in, particularly where they straddle inner outer London pay allowances

  2. inspirechild

    SchoolsImprove I have been saying this for so long and heads will like managers ( here today gone tomorrow). agents? Future career!!

  3. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove The system will benefit some but hinder most, including students. There’s no more money: mug Peter to pay for Paul

  4. andylutwyche

    BramRaider SchoolsImprove I think it might but not to a huge extent due to underfunding. Schools already mugging Peter to pay for Paul

  5. tjgolding

    SchoolsImprove Hopefully the circus of silly haircuts, ruthless agent fees and player salaries will be a part of it all too!

  6. k

    It already has. School Direct has resulted in hugely increased competition. Schools offer guaranteed employment or automatic route to Masters, for example. Next step is the equivalent of snapping up the 12-yr old player.

  7. inspirechild

    Tricia247uk SchoolsImprove I can relate through experience of the football manager syndrome especially when school is under new ownership

  8. inspirechild

    Tutors4gcse SchoolsImprove salaries seem to be improving (analysis of posts) so do the risks. Increasing use of compromise agreements.

  9. TGriffiths123

    ssgill76 MaryMyatt SchoolsImprove us too! Our borough next to inner.Also offered supply contract with holiday pay to secure the person.

  10. JohnPill4

    SchoolsImprove they will have to at least compete with the private sector and more so for most of us to consider returning.

  11. EsmeCannot

    SchoolsImprove schools here have huge budget issues, it is deprived area so need the best, but how do they pay for best teachers?

  12. JohnClarke1960

    SchoolsImprove When u have kids, who haven’t started shaving, on £100,000+ salaries, advising Gove about teaching THIS is the crap u get.

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