Teacher found with 200 indecent images of children can continue teaching because Michael Gove rules he has ‘shown remorse’

A disgraced RE teacher who was sacked for possessing indecent images of children has been given the go-ahead to carry on teaching by Education Secretary Michael Gove. This is from the Daily Mail… 

Geoffrey Bettley, 36, was dismissed from his ten-year career at St Mary’s Catholic School in Menston, West Yorkshire, after he accepted a police caution.

Mr Gove has now supported a disciplinary panel’s recommendation that he does not pose a risk to children and that he should be able to resume his teaching career.

But MP Phillip Davies has raised concerns about the ‘worrying situation’ and warned that it will make parents feel ‘uneasy’.

The National College of Teaching and Leadership professional conduct panel ruled that the child abuse images were at the lower end of seriousness and that Bettley, who had ‘shown remorse and victim empathy’, did not pose a risk.

Backing that view, Mr Gove said: ‘I have considered this case and the need to be proportionate and also to act in the public interest.

‘Although the findings in this case are serious ones, I support the recommendation of the panel that a prohibition order should not be applied in this case.’

Mr Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley, West Yorkshire, said: ‘This is a very worrying case and situation and I suspect most parents would feel very uneasy about this man being able to continue teaching given his past record.

‘I think that in such cases there should be an automatic bar on people being able to teach again.’

More at:  Disgraced RE teacher found with 200 indecent images of children can continue teaching because Michael Gove rules he has ‘shown remorse’

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  1. CharlieM_87

    SchoolsImprove What?? Hell probably end up leaving anyway now that both parents and pupils will know about him, not to mention staff…

  2. Ghayley

    SchoolsImprove flabbergasted. Gove needs to come and work with us for a day and see the destruction these predators cause.

  3. Wile7Design

    SchoolsImprove Unbelievable. What message does that send out? Help rehabilitate/medical help yes BUT not back into teaching. Savile saga?

  4. Jgineqe

    SchoolsImprove Saphnasharon have we learned nothing. If there is a doubt it is children who deserve it. #madness

  5. furyofpatience

    FallenFemale there is so much wrong with that article…frak it, I got nothing helpful to say here…

    • FallenFemale

      furyofpatience An RE teacher too! If I was parent of kids there I’d be looking for a new school. Raises so many issues. Just wrong.

      • furyofpatience

        FallenFemale you know, I get the forgive part, but the forget part for something like this I will never understand…never forget


    SchoolsImprove a story to distract from Gove. He must be over the moon. #grownmenbothmessingwithkids

  7. GlaikitGeezer

    SchoolsImprove There is no acceptable margin for error where the wellbeing of children is concerned. He must not be allowed to teach again.

  8. edujdw

    SchoolsImprove will today’s announcement of an automatic ban (I thought we already had that)include this man or not? We should be told.

  9. jicdparkies

    SchoolsImprove who decided this? I would remove my child from any school who allowed an animal like this to remain as a teacher

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