Teacher banned after sending Facebook message to pupil, telling her: ‘You looked hot at the prom’

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that a local teacher has been banned from the classroom for sending sexually explicit Facebook messages to a pupil after prom night…

John Berry, who worked at Our Lady’s RC High School in Blackley, sent a friend request to the 16-year-old girl after they both attended the school’s Year 11 leavers’ ball – and then sent her messages saying she had looked ‘hot’ and ‘fit’.

He also asked to exchange mobile numbers with the pupil and quizzed her on her sexual preferences.

The girl became distressed and told her mother, who raised the alarm.

The 27-year-old teacher was dragged into the head’s office and they went through his Facebook history – when it emerged he had searched for 12 female pupils with the intention of befriending them ahead of the prom.

He was suspended from work in July last year pending a full investigation, during which he said he did not think it was inappropriate to contact children aged 16 and older on Facebook.

But he resigned in September last year – a month before investigators concluded that he should be dismissed.

Berry has now been handed a lifetime prohibition order following a meeting of a professional conduct panel of the National College for Teaching and Leadership…

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Is it credible that a teacher could not know of realise this was inappropriate? The panel obviously weren’t impressed by the excuse, but more generally, are teachers aware of what is and what is not acceptable? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. 5N_Afzal

    Incredible! How could he think it was ok to send those messages to a student? Does the school have a social media policy? I used to think that teachers would know where the boundaries are, but this shows not all do. Schools need to make it clear to staff that this isn’t acceptable. Even if there was no sexual content to the messages, teachers should not be contacting students via Facebook. Students also need to be told how to secure their accounts.

  2. O2OConditioning

    SchoolsImprove Quite right too! That’s so far beyond the boundaries……. what ever happened to standards?

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