Teacher accused of having sex with teen pupil in school ‘victim of self-confessed liar and stalker’

The Mirror is reporting that a court has heard that a schoolgirl who claims a married teacher had sex with her in cleaning cupboards is a self-confessed “liar” who “stalked” him…

Religious studies teacher Stuart Kerner, 44, is accused of having an 18 month illicit affair with the 15-year-old – having sex session with the teen in empty classrooms at Bexleyheath Academy in south east London.

The alleged victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was just 15 when the affair is said to have started.

But at Inner London Crown Court today, fellow staff members said the pupil was a “proven liar”.

Librarian Marion King said: “As she got older she got very cocky and thought everybody fancied her…

Mrs King told jurors the schoolgirl had pretended to be involved in a car accident to get out of PE classes…

Mrs King said: “She said doctors found a problem with her heart. I said ‘Oh my God are you OK?’

“She said she couldn’t do PE anymore. She had bandages all around her chest and said she had a tube put inside. She unwrapped her bandage and had a bloody line around three inches long.”

The librarian told how she was moved to tears by the story, but later discovered it was a lie.

She said: “She came into my office and I said ‘What is going on?’. She said: ‘I lie – that’s what I do’.

“She couldn’t seem to grasp what she had done. It was shocking to me.”

Mrs King said other pupils joked that the schoolgirl “stalked” Kerner.

She said: “I thought Mr Kerner ought to be very wary of her. I think she had a crush on him and I said he needed to be careful because I think she has a massive crush on you…’

Kerner denies the allegations and the trial continues…

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