Teacher, 23, at Catholic school caught ‘writhing’ on music room floor with schoolgirl, 16, during parents’ evening

A male teacher at a Catholic school was caught in a passionate embrace with a 16 year old schoolgirl. This is from the Daily Mail

The pair were spotted ‘writhing’ on the floor of the school’s music room at the end of a parent-teacher evening.

They were discovered when another teacher looked out of a staff room window and saw the pair in the music room.

History teacher James Mullen, 23, of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, had only been at the school a few months and, on his arrival, had gone on a child protection course which he had passed with flying colours.

Even so it didn’t stop him forming a physical relationship with the girl, kissing her when they were alone together and exchanging text messages.

Now Mullen is behind bars and his career is in ruins after a judge jailed him for eight months.

Mullen, who arrived at the school last September, appeared at St Albans Crown Court on Friday to admit three charges of sexual activity with a child while in a position of trust.

Sally Mealing-McLeod, prosecuting, said Mullen had arrived at the school straight from university and had immediately been sent on the child protection course.

He was instructed on what was appropriate behaviour when dealing with the youngsters and the court heard he had achieved a 100 per cent pass mark at the end.

The prosecutor said on February 26 this year a parent-teacher evening was held at the school.

At the end of it around 10pm a colleague of Mullen went into a staff room to prepare some food for herself in a kitchen area.

‘She happened to look out of a window which gave her a clear view of the music room and it was well lit inside the room,’ said Miss Mealing-McLeod.

The court heard the teacher was able to see two figures ‘writhing’ on the floor and locked ‘in a passionate embrace’.

Miss Mealing-McLeod said the teacher recognised the 16-year-old and then saw the man with her was Mullen.

Moments later the girl emerged from the music room in a ‘dishevelled state’ and, on being challenged by the teacher, broke down.

Police were called to the school that night and Mullen was arrested. Interviewed about what had been going on, the girl told officers it had begun days earlier on Valentine’s Day.

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  1. mrpeel

    SchoolsImprove serves to show fatuous nature of awareness training. Any adult with so little sense of morality or shame will easily “pass”

  2. mrpeel

    SchoolsImprove and once he has passed he is free to behave in whatever manner he wishes until caught. Morality is not taught in a few hours

  3. kierstyanne

    SchoolsImprove what’s wrong with these people. He’s a flipping idiot. Want to take risks? Go jump out a plane.

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