Tax wealthy parents using private tutors to win grammar places, says study

The TES is reporting that academics have found that children in England who were tutored for the 11-plus are more likely to win a place in a grammar school…

Wealthy families who use private tutors to help secure grammar school places should be taxed to help pay for poorer children to access the same help, it has been suggested.

The authors of a new study argue that a levy should be imposed on high-income families to help level the playing field in access to selective schools.

The paper, by academics at the UCL Institute of Education, examined the backgrounds of more than 1,800 children living in areas of England and Northern Ireland that have grammar schools.

It found that in England, poorer children – those from families in the bottom quarter of household incomes – had less than a 10 per cent chance of attending a grammar school, compared with a 40 per cent chance among those youngsters from families in the top quarter of household incomes.

Just under three-quarters of those children in England who were tutored gained a grammar school place, compared with 14 per cent of those that were not tutored, the report concludes.

Study author John Jerrim said: “The government claims that expanding grammars will boost social mobility. But our research shows that private tuition used by high-income families gives them a big advantage in getting in.”

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