TAs are the lifeblood of schools – but we overlook them

The wellbeing of teachers is a constant consideration for any school manager. And yet the humble teaching assistant seldom gets the same amount of thought. Tes reports.

TAs’ jobs have altered enormously as austerity has bitten. Reduced numbers have led to increased workload for those remaining, often in areas they have little training in. TAs are often given the most challenging children to work with, and constantly dealing with demanding children can certainly take its toll. 

They can receive threats, both verbal and physical, on a daily basis, and are often at the forefront of any child’s disclosure. This carries a pressure for all concerned: they need to ensure that all policies are appropriately dealt with and followed through.

And yet training for TAs is often a secondary thought. They seldom receive planning, preparation and assessment time, and so most days need to second-guess what is required of them. Of course, many schools fully involve their TAs in all aspects of school life, but sadly not all.

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  1. Judith Wilson

    You’ve GOT to be kidding! schoolsimprovement.net and Tes, you are both guilty of being two-faced and too late! I am a retired TA and have been telling you (and anyone else who’ll listen) for YEARS that you have been neglecting these absolutely vital members of the support staff for far too long and at your peril. Numbers have been reduced and schools and their students are now paying the price, as all sensible people knew they would. To come out with this headline NOW, after all this time, is nothing short of farce.

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