Take part in our poll: should term time holidays be allowed?

As reported elsewhere on the site, a petition is being handed into the DfE demanding the government reverse a ban on schoolchildren in England taking holidays during term-time – please let us know what you think by taking part in our poll…

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Drop term-time holiday ban, urges petition
Give Muslim free school more time, plead parents
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  1. 5N_Afzal

    SchoolsImprove The result to date (63% no) is similar to the result of our (UKGovChat) poll.
    (Can’t seem to be able to comment via LF)

  2. snod2010

    SchoolsImprove address why students miss regular time out of school not holidays during term; holiday providers need regulation not parents

  3. KateMrsnash

    secretteacher6 only if they then don’t moan if their beloved offspring doesn’t achieve the grade they expect #getwhatyoudeserve

  4. jrw006

    SchoolsImprove Vote process is a flawed isn’t it? I’ve checked with two other users same and it won’t accept a yes vote! NO goes through!

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