Swedish school reopens after deadly racist attack

The AFP news agency (via Yahoo News) is reporting that several hundred Swedish students returned to class under heightened security yesterday after a racially motivated attack claimed the lives of two people at their school 11 days ago.

The Kronan school for six- to 15-year-olds reopened for just four hours, according to the Swedish news agency TT. 

Some of the youngsters were accompanied by their parents to the school, but no outsiders were allowed in. All entrances were locked, according to the school’s website.

Police barrier tape had been removed, but piles of flowers and candles in honour of the victims remained outside, state broadcaster Swedish Radio reported.

Parents said they had mixed feelings. “We have left our child here at school, but our hearts did not want to leave her there,” one father, Ohmet Sedicki, told Swedish Radio. 

Teachers and administrators said they planned to work closely with the parents. 

“The most important thing is to be in place, as adults, for the children to meet their needs and answer their questions. We help them to return to normalcy and regain some sense of routine,” said the school’s chief administrator, Birgitta Lundskog.

The partial reopening follows the funerals, on Wednesday and Friday, of a 20-year-old teaching assistant and a teenage student who were killed in the October 22 attack…

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  1. spawneedave

    Busy Mum It’s likely that the attacker had a “legacy token” which could be a manifesto, online blog, or video project (Cho and the Virginia Tech is a classic example). So it might be the police have some evidence already that points to the attack being deemed racist.

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