Sweden’s ‘Eton’ shut down after bullying scandal

Sweden’s leading boarding school has been shut down after two students were allegedly burned with an iron in one of its notorious initiation rituals. This is from the Telegraph

The Swedish Schools Inspectorate on Wednesday ordered Lundsbergs school to close down until the management can ensure the safety of boys and girls enrolled there.

“It is very sad that so shortly after our inspection, and a few days after the students returned to school, such serious incidents take place,” Ann-Marie Begler, General Director of the Schools Inspectorate, told the TT news agency on Wednesday.

“It’s a very interventionary decision, I’m aware of this, but our mandate is to protect children and students.”

Lundsbergs, which was attended by Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip along with several of the country’s business elite, has been rocked by a succession of bullying allegations.

The schools watchdog has previously received numerous reports of bullying, degrading “fagging” traditions which forced younger pupils to act as servants for older students, and violent initiation rituals at the school.

In May last year, students claimed they had been forced to engage in oral sex and eat manure. In 2011, a student allegedly had their nipples electrocuted with a fly swatter.

The inspectorate warned the school’s management in October that it risked receiving a fine of 500,000 kronor (£50,000) if it failed to do more to counter what it claimed was an endemic bullying culture.

In its statement on Wednesday, it said that the closure could potentially last for six months, and that there was no certainty that the school would ever reopen.

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  1. smurfatik

    SchoolsImprove bullying is taken very seriously in Swedish schools, equal treatment pervades all aspects of school life, they were warned

  2. smurfatik

    SchoolsImprove in this case Skolinspektion were right, no school, even paid for ones, should remain open if kids are at risk

  3. smurfatik

    SchoolsImprove anyone interested should read or watch Ondskan, this has been known about for a long time, tradition does not make it right

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