Survey suggests the average schoolbag contains £130 worth of gadgets

The Press Association (via the Mail) is reporting a survey that suggests the average school bag now contains £130 worth of gadgets and almost half of children (49%) take at least one to the classroom…

Some 48% of school children take a mobile phone to school – 26% own smartphones and 22% own feature phones – and 8% regularly take tablets.

But almost one in 10 children (9%) have had gadgets stolen at school and 14% have been bullied, with 58% of these children reporting they were subject to taunts about the brand they were using.

More children now do their homework on tablets (24%) than desktop computers (20%), although most (38%) use laptops, and the majority of parents (80%) say technology gives their children an educational advantage.

But 66% of parents have concerns about their children’s reliance on spell check, 61% worry about technology’s effect on handwriting and 60% about its impact on mental arithmetic skills.

The study found that more than a quarter (27%) of all lesson work and 33% of homework is now typed rather than handwritten, while 25% of school children now submit their homework by email or via an online system set up by their school.

And although most parents (82%) say technology is an essential part of their children’s lives, 43% are concerned that they will not be able to help with homework because they lack the technological nous.

The average age for a child to receive their first mobile is nine years and 10 months, the poll revealed, although 82% of parents who have bought handsets for their children do so for safety reasons, 38% cited recreational reasons and 24% said they had educational purposes in mind.

But the average British child is even younger when they receive their first tablet – at just eight years and seven months – with 75% of parents who have bought these doing so for educational purposes and 73% also citing recreational reasons.

While almost two thirds (63%) of parents restrict time spent using gadgets, 80% agree that technology has made their lives easier as it keeps their kids entertained and 70% say they have used gadgets not including televisions to keep their children quiet…

OnePoll surveyed 1,000 UK parents with children aged 17 and under online in August…

More at: ‘£130 of gadgets’ in schoolbag


It’s not clear if this survey covered primary or just secondary students but any surprises in the findings? A smartphone is surely becoming as normal for students now as a pencil case. Question is, how much longer will they still need the pens?


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove This will include primary children who have £0 worth of gadgets. Frightening amount of value in some bags!

  2. DyslexiaAndMe

    FrostlynneLynn SchoolsImprove YES!!! As a dyslexic person who went back into education after being diagnosed at 25, YES YES YES!!!

  3. DyslexiaAndMe

    KidInASweetShop SchoolsImprove Yes but there should definitely be more done for children who would benefit from technology like dyslexics.

  4. DyslexiaAndMe

    FrostlynneLynn SchoolsImprove I have a laptop and a digital recorder. Means I find writing a whole lot easier and can listen back to class

  5. DyslexiaAndMe

    FrostlynneLynn SchoolsImprove I also have software on the laptop that reads to me and changes the screen colour.

  6. DyslexiaAndMe

    FrostlynneLynn SchoolsImprove I struggled with school, graduated uni this year with a 2:1 and a first in my dissertation. Not too shabby!

  7. FrostlynneLynn

    DyslexiaAndMe SchoolsImprove that takes resilience, determination and great character; have a fabulous future; be you.

  8. DyslexiaAndMe

    FrostlynneLynn SchoolsImprove Thank you 🙂 If you want to ask more about assistive technology, I’m more than happy to discuss 🙂

  9. DyslexiaAndMe

    FrostlynneLynn SchoolsImprove Having the support I needed in college and uni has changed education into a positive experience for me.

  10. ColmDavisNI

    FrostlynneLynn SchoolsImprove still the quality of teaching that’s important & the teacher’s ability to use gadgets to support it!

  11. @andylutwyche SchoolsImprove Why do people conflate spell check and calculators? Spell check calls attention to errors, calculators don’t. The only things they have in common is they are both technology based.

  12. Value_added

    SchoolsImprove No dout but the interaction of teacher and child of any age is what counts. It’s productive on both sides.

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