Survey suggests teachers are increasingly dissatisfied and over half considered quitting in the past year

UK teachers are increasingly dissatisfied and many have considered quitting, a union survey has suggested. This is from the BBC…

Government reforms to pay and pensions, a heavy workload and school inspections were a source of concern, the poll of 14,847 members of the NASUWT suggests.

The findings come as the NASUWT and the National Union of Teachers (NUT) in the north-west of England prepare for a one-day strike on Thursday.

The government said more top graduates than ever were coming into teaching.

Under the government’s changes, due to come into effect in England and Wales from this autumn, teachers’ pay will be linked to performance in the classroom, with schools setting salaries, rather than following a national framework.

The NASUWT survey found more than half of respondents (53%) felt their satisfaction with their job had fallen in the past year – up 6% compared with those questioned in 2011.

Almost two thirds (65%) had considered leaving their job in the past year, while more than half (54%) had considered leaving teaching entirely, the survey claims.

It found that teachers’ top four concerns about their jobs were workload (chosen by 78%), followed by government changes to pensions (51%), pay (45%) and school inspections (41%).

Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT, said three years of “relentless attacks” on teachers by the coalition government had resulted in a profession in crisis.

“Teachers’ pay and working conditions are inextricably linked to the provision of high quality education for all children and young people – yet the Secretary of State arrogantly and recklessly continues to cut pay, plunder pensions and hack to pieces national salary scales.

“Not content with this, he is now laying plans to remove other key contractual provisions, particularly those which support and enable teachers to work effectively. If these proposals see the light of day, teachers’ holidays, working hours and other contractual provisions will be at the whim of employers and schools.

“No-one, therefore, should be surprised that over half of teachers are considering leaving teaching altogether.”

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If you are a teacher, does this survey reflect how you feel? What would be the one thing you would pick out that is making you feel dissatisfied that you think could be put right? Please let us know what you would most like to change… 

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Teachers’ pay is well advertised so no-one should grumble about it. Workload, pressure on results/inspections are fair game

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    SchoolsImprove: From Gripweed1: “4 Letters – first one G. Think you can guess the rest.” Sounds like a swear word to me.

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