Supply teachers’ training worry – NUT

The BBC is reporting fears that classroom standards could be hit because supply teachers in Wales are not given enough opportunity for professional development…

Nearly 10% of school lessons are taught by supply teachers, according to education watchdog Estyn.

Owen Hathway from NUT Cymru said there were concerns supply teachers are not being given the training they need…

“We have to ensure that, at every lesson, those who are leading the classes are able to deliver it with the sort of standard quality that we’d expect,” he said.

“And if we have a certain percentage of lessons taught by supply teachers who are not able to access the same level of professional development, then obviously consistency amongst that teaching standard is going to waver.”

The Welsh assembly’s education committee is looking at supply teaching.

Its survey of more than 900 pupils found nearly a quarter were taught by a supply teacher every week and 80% said they learned less with a supply teacher than with their usual teacher.

Meilyr Rowlands, who becomes Wales’ new chief inspector of schools next month, said it was unacceptable supply teachers were not given the support they need.

“The expectations on education and on teachers now are so high that we just can’t afford to not give regular training for supply teachers, so something has to be done,” he told AMs.

One problem is that schools, supply teacher agencies and councils refuse to take responsibility for training, and supply teachers also miss out on important feedback from their work, he said…

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Not sure how much this is an issue just in Wales or whether the same concerns apply across the rest of the UK? If you are a supply teacher do you feel excluded from professional development? If you are getting it, where from and who is paying? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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