Students to learn about cyber-security and programming in new GCSE

The Telegraph is reporting that students are to learn about cyber-security and how to create the next Facebook or Snapchat in a new GCSE…

Teenagers will be taught about the methods fraudsters use to access information illegally online and they will also learn about online viruses and firewalls.

The OCR exam board, which has created the course, said it was designed to “boost essential 21st century computing skills”.

Computing has been a compulsory part of the national curriculum since last year, and the revamp of the GCSE comes after a major overhaul of exams by the previous government which was designed to toughen up qualifications.

Around 60 per cent of the course is based on “computational thinking”, which involves breaking a complex problem down into smaller parts, establishing a pattern, ignoring unnecessary information and designing a solution through programming, OCR said.

Students will also have to use the programming skills they learn on the course to work on an independent coding project, worth 20 per cent of the grade, that solves a real world problem – such as an app to help a teacher, a game or a method of recommending films…

More at: Students to learn about cyber-security and programming in new GCSE


Learn more about the proposed course changes (including help for teachers from a new online platform called Codio) from the OCR at: Could you be the next cyber-spook? OCR’s new GCSE to boost computing skills essential for 21st century


I heard claims recently that the US will need more than one million trained cyber security professionals over the next few years so this certainly seems to be in tune with likely new job opportunities (assuming a similar need over here).

What do you think? Are you encouraged by the content of this OCR course? And how well would you say is computer science is working out so far? 

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