Students spend a year studying Dracula only to find out they should have been reading Frankenstein two weeks before A-level exam

After yesterday’s news of AS level students on the Isle of Wight being given the wrong text, now the Daily Mail tell us students at a sixth form college found out their A-level English teacher had spent the year teaching them Dracula when they should have been learning Frankenstein…

Just two weeks before their exam, the English Literature pupils were told that their teacher had mistakenly given them the wrong classic horror story to study.

The students at Newmarket College in Suffolk now face desperately learning the right text before the exam on Thursday.

Student Abbie Stallabrass, 18, said: ‘We just sat there stunned when our teacher told us.

‘Dracula is one of the three books we had been studying and it was the one we’d spent the most time on and we are certainly not as confident about the other two.

‘We now have to cram about eight months work into 10 hours – I can’t believe it.’

The books on the A-level syllabus changed at the start of the school year in September, but the teacher failed to notice.

College principal Dr Bob Cadwalladr has apologised for the error. He said: ‘I am mortified by what has happened and very upset for the four students involved and their parents.

‘The exam board changed the book list halfway through the course and we missed it. I have talked to the teacher involved about what happened, and why, and how we can avoid anything like this happening again.

‘We have made formal representation to the exam board from special consideration for the four students involved as none of this was their fault. I can only apologise to the students and parents involved.’

The ‘inadequate’ college, which was criticised for poor exam results last summer, was put under Ofsted special measures last month. It is in the process of applying to become an academy.

Dracula was written by Bram Stoker in 1897, while Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was published in 1818.

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Anyone going to be having bad dreams about this? Anyone double checking they’ve actually been teaching the right texts? Two in two days – let’s hope that’s the end of it.

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