Students are not being prepared enough for higher education

The Independent is reporting that concerned university admissions officers are saying that students heading into higher education (HE) are not being prepared enough for the transition from secondary school.

According to an annual admissions survey which launched at an HE advisors’ conference in London this week, all respondents unanimously agreed that students must ensure they are “ready to think and learn independently” when asked how students could be better prepared to thrive while successfully complete their degree.

Jeremy Lewis, head of the private ACS Egham school, questioned why so many students starting university are unprepared for the level of learning. He said: “Our study shows, quite clearly, many of our exam systems are just not preparing students to make that leap from secondary to HE.”

“We need to equip them with the skills to succeed in HE, and develop their style of learning, but some exam systems are too narrowly focussed on subject content alone to achieve this.”

“As well as being prepared to think and work independently, students also clearly need to do their homework on course content and realistically ensure they are able to cope with the challenges it will bring if they are to thrive and succeed at university.”

More at: Students are not being prepared enough for higher education, say university admissions officers

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  1. It’s not the first time unis have complained about students being unprepared for university study.  In 2012, over 50% of respondents to a Cambridge Assessment survey of universities were concerned about this.   They wanted less teaching to the test and spoon feeding at A level.

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